For over 17 years, we have deployed and continually refined a consistent investment strategy.

We focus on opportunities created by continuities and dislocations.

Continuities are large-scale forces driving global economic change over a decade or more. Continuities involve broad long-term changes, such as the evolution of consumption patterns, industrial organization, or mergers and acquisitions. Each continuity is fueled by underlying dynamics, including demographic, political, or technological change.

Our focus on continuities permits us to look beyond short-lived fashions in order to identify companies that are well-situated to excel in a dynamic global environment.

Dislocations are market disruptions that result in a temporary divergence between value and price. Dislocations may be caused by macroeconomic events, sectoral realignments, corporate or family reorganizations, or external shocks.

Our focus on dislocations permits us to look beyond short-lived price disruptions to identify companies whose fundamentals offer lasting value.