About Cartesian Capital Group, LLC

Cartesian Capital was founded in 2006 by Peter Yu and the senior management team of AIG Capital Partners, Inc. ("AIGCP").

Prior to forming Cartesian, we founded and built AIGCP into a leading emerging markets private equity firm, managing more than $5 billion for leading institutional investors. Over ten years at AIGCP, we led more than 50 investments in 24 countries, developing an extensive record of successful investing around the world.

About the Name "Cartesian"

René Descartes (1596-1650) is widely known for his contributions to mathematics; the Cartesian coordinate system serves as the foundation of analytic geometry and modern cartography. Descartes is often considered the first modern philosopher, due to his work regarding analytic skepticism.

Descartes' combination of analytical rigor and skepticism resonates with our approach to private equity investing—hence, the name of our firm.